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The car rolls down a hill with Kim inside and explodes, leading Teri to believe that Kim had been killed and causing her to suffer amnesia.
The most recent instances are when Jack was interrogating Tony in Season 7, when he woman eisenach looking for a woman said that the government killed Teri just like they killed Michelle and every second he helps them he is spitting on her grave which enrages Jack to the point where.
The trooper dropped her at a BP station near the expressway.
Cassandra Bauer, 25, was driving to her parents home in upscale Bannockburn at about.m.When Jack comes looking for Teri, he finds her slumped in the chair, bleeding from a gunshot to the stomach.They hide his body and they are soon rescued after Jack has Kevin bring him to the compound.15, Cassandra Bauer filed a complaint against the trooper, questioning why he didnt return the purse to her and accusing him of being rude to her at the hospital.In another, Nina shoots Teri but only wounds her, and Teri survives.She was apparently looking for her car when a truck struck and killed her, according to a court filing by attorneys for Pazs family.Season 6: Jack's brother Graem mentions the last meet your sex partner time the two met was at Teri's funeral.The two are then taken to a safe-house where Teri takes the pregnancy women know under the age of 18 test and it turns out that she is pregnant.She was killed.Nina ties Teri to a chair, tapes her mouth shut and finishes up wiping all evidence of her being the mole.Alternative endings edit, three different endings were shot for the final episode of the first season: One ending is the one used on the show: Nina shoots and kills Teri (actual ending, canon ).Kent gives Teri a pregnancy test to use on herself later.This ending was included as a deleted scene on the first season DVD.
In the third, Nina does not shoot Teri, instead knocking her unconscious with her pistol.
She has a, master of Fine Arts and Art Practice at the, university of California, and worked as a freelance interior designer.

One of Gaines's men, Eli attempts to rape Kim, but Teri offers herself instead, saying she won't fight him off.