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Skip navigation! This article was originally published on June 27, Are you satisfied with your sex life?

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To hear a woman say she achieved a vaginal orgasm is a rare occurrence. Historically, there has been a large knowledge gap when it comes to the science of female orgasms. The same study found that less than 1 in 5 women are able to orgasm through vaginal stimulation.

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Suddenly sliding away from that peak is disappointing, to say the least. That's doubly true for women, many of whom find it much harder to achieve orgasm during penetrative sex. In fact, according to a recent survey, only 65 percent of heterosexual women consistently reach the pinnacle of pleasure during sex.

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Today I'm going to give you a series of basic techniques designed to give your beloved woman the very best in erotic, physical pleasure. In my experience, the clitoris is the most consistent source of orgasm for the majority of women. There are other ways to bring a woman to orgasmof course, but this is where I encourage you to start.

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If you're a woman who finds climaxing easy and can have orgasms during intercourse with little effort — even in a position where it's difficult for your partner to access the clitoris with the fingertips — then you are very lucky indeed! For the majority of us, 'ringing that bell' is not nearly so simple. Even women who can masturbate to a climax with no difficulty can feel quite anxious about 'coming' with a male partner.

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My girlfriend of four years has never come during sex with me, or with anyone else. She loves sex and gets really turned on, but there is no end point for her. Is it normal for some girls, or could it be something physical or even psychological?

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Phil says it takes a woman 14 minutes to have an orgasm… well I feel bad for Dr. Well, one thing is for sure… unless you have delayed ejaculation, a woman generally does take longer to orgasm than men do. My experience with the female orgasm was not always good… in fact it was terrible — trauma-causing terrible.

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My girlfriend and I are both 22 and she's never had an orgasm during the two years we've been together. I love her and feel guilty and upset that I get all the pleasure and she feels nothing. She told me she couldn't orgasm with her previous boyfriend either. I'm guessing that she has some kind of mental block that holds her back.

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I want to put a stop to that and make sure you have everything you need to make your girl orgasm. Not just have her first orgasm, but make her shake and quiver from cumming so much, that she begs you to come to bed. You NEED to get better bedroom skills dude.

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Probably a good thing, given how much of the produce we buy is a result of unfair working conditions for women in less economically developed countries. But there is something that you can give to the woman in your life in celebration which is entirely appropriate. But the pleasure gap is a very real problem to.


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