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Our bodies get older. There is nothing we can do about it but accept it and become knowledgeable about the changes that happen in our bodies, including our feet. Just like the hairs that become grey and the wrinkles that appear in our skin, our feet go through natural changes as we age and the more you know about these changes, the more things you can do to prevent complications or age related issues caused by them.

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The truth is that the foot does increase in size. This happens because of the gradual collapse of the arch of the foot. You would notice that 30 or 40 years later, that rock arch does not look the same as it did when you built it.

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Email Address:. Please leave this field empty. Most women would love to be able to wear the same shoe size throughout their adult life.

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The nation's feet have grown by two shoe sizes in just four decades. In fact, we're bigger and taller all over, reports Jeremy Laurance — and that may not be a good thing. In the world of shoes, things are changing, and not always for the better.

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Image: iStock. By the time you reach your 50th birthday, you've prob-ably also reached another milestone: you've put 75, miles on your feet. You may reach this milestone much earlier if you've led a foot-active lifestyle.

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Diseases of the foot generally are not limited, that is they are related to or manifest elsewhere in the body [ citation needed ]. However, the foot is often the first place some of these diseases or a sign or symptom of others appear. The foot may look simple but is a complex structure with 26 bones, 33 joints, numerous musclesnerves and different ligament types.

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Learn why gout is much more than just a pain in the big toe. A monthly program designed to explore diabetes management in a group setting. Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer.

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Are you wondering why you are wearing bigger shoes as you get older? Do you think you feet are getting bigger? Well, that is because they are getting bigger. Essentially what is happening is that over time our feet slowly flatten out.

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Aging takes its toll on your feet as it does with the rest of your body. Given the amount of stress we place on our feet over a lifetime, it's easy to see why these problems occur. In addition to general wear and tear, there are physiological changes that will inevitably affect how your joints, bones, and tendons function.

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The long bones in our feet start to grow, and our toes start to form long before we are born — in the third or fourth month of gestation. Between birth and the age of 4, our feet double in length, with growth of up to 10mm per year. So if it feels like your child is outgrowing their shoes long before they wear out, this is why!


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