Am a woman looking for a woman

Well if I had you naughty flirty quotes and sayings baby, you wouldn't be lookin' back.
Well I don't want a knight in armour.
Looking for a slow walking, sweet talking, Hungry kind of a man, well I'm a wine drinking, fast thinking, Eye winking kind of a woman, Justa lookin' for a cool headed, Unwedded serious kind of a man.
Well I'm an eyecatching, back scratching, Doorlatching dating meet kind of a woman, Just a lookin' for a love craving, coolshaving, Courious kind of a man, well I'm no sex offender search parma ohio man's lady if you no lady's man, So come and get me baby, If you can, oh yeah.She said get away from here country boy, go back to your countryside.I am looking for a woman.I'm an icebreaking, painstaking, Marry making kind of a woman, yeah.Who would be untrue or, a rich old man, who needs love too.Well so long mama, baby bye-bye you bye.I'm a hardbusted, long lusted, Maladjusted kind of a woman, looking for a good lookin slow cookin, Powerful kind of a man, said I'm a big eyed, soft eyed, Qualified kind of a woman.If you can, hmm, If you can.Well tell me baby, what you see wrong with.No juvenile delinquent trying, to learn what to do, Just need a good man, to carry me through.Well I'm no man's lady if your no lady's man, So come and get me baby.Looking for a big hearted, uncharted, Vulnerable kind of a man.I'm looking for a woman, that will work to set me down.I've been looking all night long, she can't be found.Kind of a woman, well, I'm a sweet smelling, truth telling, City dwelling kind of a woman.Looking for a hard riding, time binding, Animal kind of a man, well I'm no man's lady If your no lady's man, So come and get me baby, Hmm if you can, oh yeah if you can.Well I met one last night, and I told her what I liked.For my part, respectful attitude, mate.
I am 37 years old, Muscovite, attractive appearance.
I Am Looking For A Woman.