Adults with imaginary friends t shirt

adults with imaginary friends t shirt

Vitriolic Best Buds : Mac and Bloo sometimes, particularly in episodes where Bloo is especially obnoxious and Mac is especially mature.
He refers meet couples for sex to every food at chocolate milk.
Attention Whore : Bloo, who seems to think It's All About Me, and gets visibly annoyed when the others don't share his excitement in various things.
Imaginary friends also appear to take up qualities of their creators, and he is the one who made Bloo in the first place.In "Beat with a Schtick" When she finds out Bloo is going to face "The New Guy" who's a gigantic monster looking figure what does Madame Foster do?Imaginary Man and Nemesis from Challenge of the Super Friends.Ship Tease : Mac insists Goo isn't his girlfriend, but the two have their moments nevertheless.Unknown Rival : Has something against Wilt.(or former owner) And while he may act like a crybaby, he does not like being treated like a baby.Disappeared Dad : Mac and Terrence's dad isn't even mentioned.Morality Pet : To her local news southend essex imaginary.Herriman seems quite certain in "Bloooo" that there are no such things as ghosts.Some practicing Catholic people, for example, believe that divorce is a bad thing to be avoided at most all costs.Frankie whenever she's punished.DVD Commentary : The first season DVD set includes a commentary on "Store Wars where Frankie and Mac are trying to sign a treaty after Bloo caused trouble in the events of the episode.I will have to ponder this.Adorkable : Super friendly, and incredibly kooky.Naturally, she must sing a song to express her happiness only to be interrupted by her owner shouting out the window, "Stop the singing!Herriman and the absent-minded Madame Foster, it often falls to Frankie to be the voice of reason.Herriman's treatment of her in this episode bordered on abusive.Attention Whore : If everyone's attention is somewhere else, he'll do everything he can to bring it back to him.Parodied in "One False Movie this is how Bloo starts the movie he made for Mac's school's film festival Bloo: (Voiceover) In a world where chaos reigns like cats and dogs in a hailstorm.Human Mail : Bloo tries to send Cheese away through the mail.
Villainous Breakdown : While he's not intentionally a bad guy, World has one at the climax of The Movie when.

Berry: ( explodes ) that seat'S taken!
Sibling Rivalry : Created through one, presumably to act as a more playful outlet to channel said rivalry.
On the flipside, Nemesis is weakened by anything that damages her hair.