Adult nursing personal statements

My placement with the school nurse.
Saying you were captain of the hockey team or spent a week at a local newspaper is not very helpful unless you use it to woman looking for a man to have children show what you learned from the experience.
I was so excited to finally get my lilac uniform!The service users there had various conditions and needs, and I learnt how to balance their needs and meet them which demonstrates my use of initiative.Working closely with residents, required the use of initiative, flexibility and reliability in supporting the team.Honing my organisational skills, sex meetup montreal it was important to establish daily routines that best fit with the patients needs.Our ucas personal statement examples cover mental health, adult, child and learning disability nursing.My desire to become a nurse has been enhanced further by my time in St John Ambulance where I have developed first aid and people skills.In my free time, I enjoy keeping fit.This involved identifying the patients special needs, assisting in activities and helping with physical tasks.I am now drawn to a career in nursing not in spite of its hardships but in some ways because of them: my willingness to dedicate myself to work, my love of challenge and enthusiasm for learning all point to medicine as a field where.It was at the nursing home that I discovered my talent of providing reassurance to people who may be feeling anxious or confused and I think this is an important skill to have as a nurse.As a care assistant, I was responsible for setting up equipment and working directly with patients in carrying out routine personal care duties.I naturally apply skills gained from the NVQ, from planning, monitoring, prevention and protection of patients, to effective physical and emotional support.Don't list your interests, demonstrate them.Residents presented a range personalities, attitudes and challenges; therefore, sensitivity to different backgrounds is an important factor when providing care to vulnerable people.My attentive and empathetic personality has also led me to work as a volunteer engaging with the wider community.At University I look forward to discovering more about how the human body works and how it can be treated when it becomes damaged.My desire to take a course in adult nursing was established after my first work placement at a nursing home where I later acquired a paid job as a Domestic Care Assistant.Don't, don't simply list what you have done.Use the spell-check on your computer and get parents and teachers to proofread your statement.Dont say you want to be a nurse/midwife just because you have watched a TV programme (several possibilities here!).I know that nursing will be a challenging profession to go into because nurses must have the ability to make decisions, show compassion and support the diverse needs of individuals in their care.
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Proactive and positive in approach, I have progressed swiftly through several top industry qualifications including the fitness trainer award for nutrition, the national pool lifeguard certificate and many health and safety seminars with Trafford Council.
Inside our Clinical Simulation Centre, wonderful and thorough training, how to take blood pressure.
As an AFA with St John Ambulance I am able to administer medical gases.