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ZDNet a pu vérifier la véracité d'une partie des données en contactant certains utilisateurs dont les données ont été volées.
Deux décennies de données, l'historique des données dérobées portent sur deux décennies assure LeakedSource, qui a obtenu les données.Where we are Located, fFN is located in the United States.However, if you do not provide your adult dating personals services Personal Information to us, you will not be able to access some or all of our services.When you provide Personal Information to us, we will use it to contact you about our services, to process payment for our services, and to tailor our services to your meet your preferences.But, once you're no longer swimming in a petri dish of emotional desperation and hormones, it can be hard to find new people you actually want to spend time with.If so, is it just, like, a fun thing you do, or are you always talking about "book club" and all the "important" books you read for it and all the "book-club drama like anyone not in the book club cares?Here.A.F.F., we are committed to setting up people in their late twenties to mid-forties with fun friendships that are easy to maintain.Lorsqu'on lui a demandé, Revolver a nié qu'il était derrière cette affaire, et a fait porté la responsabilité aux utilisateurs d'un site de hacking russe.Most major web browsers are set up so that they will initially accept cookies, but you may modify your computer's preferences to issue you an alert when a cookie is downloaded, or to disable the ability of third parties to download a cookie to you.Edwards loved the idea and wrote it into the show.Our service providers are legally required by us to protect your Personal Information.While "perfect security" does not exist on the Internet, or elsewhere, our technical staff works hard to help ensure your secure use of our services.Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information by Third Parties.On some of the FFN Websites, you may choose to use our referral service to tell a friend or friends about.You won't beat those odds by continuing to live your insular and regimented life, but, then again, you also won't have to put all that emotional and logistical energy into fostering a new friendship when you've already got a ton going on and can barely.