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Lady Jewelpet : the secondary pair of Petit Ladies, Mizuki and Charon.
Sometimes Super Sentai would have the lone female as a tomboy with a non-member counterpart as a girly-girl.
Even when they aren't explicit lovers, this may lead to deliberate or accidental.
There is even a scenario where Mana rescues Regina from the latters father and his henchmen, while Regina is de-powered.Steven Universe : Amethyst, a goofy, crude, laid-back slob who acts like a Cool Big Sis to Steven, and Pearl, who is refined, elegant and neat and acts like an overprotective mother towards Steven.A Betty and Veronica example are Ron's two love interests in the series: Lavender Brown and Hermione.Dragon Age : Dragon Age: Origins : The game makes a bizarre example of girly-girl Leliana and her tomboy counterpart Shale, a dwarf turned golem.She makes Penny look app2 slapper dating co uk login butch.When you post an example be sure to explain how one is a tomboy and how the other is a girly girl.Selphie is borderline enough to qualify as Tomboy with a Girly Streak, evoking this contrast with Quistis.What's good for you is good for your relationship: Basically, you're being a thoughtful girlfriend.Precisely because you don't own a parka.It's among many of their foils.While Annie barely owns more than a few plain hoodies and spends her off-days working out, Hitch is noted to enjoy wearing makeup and dressing up in fashionable clothes on her days off.In the original adaptation, These Three, Martha's body language and accent is geared to make her seem rougher than Karen.Both scare the crap out of their classmates, except for Tohru.Likewise shy, sweet Tora had no idea many of the "girly" things even existed until introduced to them.Sesame Street : One of the reasons for adding Abby Cadabby to the cast was that they wanted a girly girl to contrast with the tomboy Zoe.

The contrast in their designs - sporty shorts and short hair for May compared to a skirt and long hair for Dawn - emphasize.
Short-haired and athletic Jackie Sato was the tomboy while long-haired and pretty Maki Ueda was the girly girl.
After that setup, well, it was a horror manga.