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She might even ask for a divorce."The Prophet (S) also stated: 'There is no deed better than good behaviour'." "Imam as-Sadiq (a.s) stated: 'Doing good to the best friend bracelets with names people and behaving properly with them makes the cities populous and increases the age (of the citizens." "Imam as-Sadiq (a.s) also stated: '."The Prophet (S) of Islam stated: 'The best of your children are your daughters'." "The Prophet (S) of Islam also stated: 'The sign of a lucky woman is that her first child is a girl'." "In addition, the Holy Prophet (S) stated: 'Whoever looks after.Therefore, the mother's food should be nutritive enough to provide the elements needed by the baby as well as for the welfare of the mother."The Prophet of Allah (S) stated: 'The fragrance of Paradise can be smelt at a distance of five hundred years journey, but two groups of people are deprived from it; those which are disowned by their parents and the cuckold ones'.Does he not know that too much strictness prepares the grounds for some women to deviate from modesty?Do not think that working at home is degrading On the contrary, through your assistance, your wife would appreciate you more The Prophet (S) of Islam.Said to the reporter in the court: 'I got married with.five years ago.He might become suspicious of the most trivial points of your behaviour.If a woman refuses to satisfy her husband, the husband should initially persuade her in an orderly manner.A void lies or denials of the events which have happened.These men are very pessimistic and, do not see any good in this world.
Thirdly, one of her mistakes was to tell the driver to drive.
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